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  • How do we apply for a job?

    • All job applications are done on our website! We do not have paper applications!

  • What jobs do you hire for?

    • We only hire for firewatch/hole watch.

  • How can I ensure I get hired?

    • Submitting your application online is the best way to start your interest in working for us!

  • When do you hire?

    • The hiring process at CST is all determined on when Chevron announces a shut down. Shut downs are typically at the beginning and middle of the year. Of course, this always changes and a specific time frame can not be determined.

  • Do you hire full time positions?

    • No, we only hire temporary employment! Most shut downs are between 1 and 3 months.

  • Do you offer insurance?

    • No, we do not.

  • Do you offer vacation?

    • No, because of the temporary employment period we do not offer vacation opportunities.

  • If hired, can I get a paper check?

    • No, we have gone paperless! All employees are required to submit direct deposit information. If you don't have a bank account we recommend signing up with Chime!

  • Do you have an office?

    • We are located on Market Street in Pascagoula however, most questions and concerns are handled through our website. Pay stubs, time discrepancy, w-2s, and updating information has to be done online only. No one in the office can fix time errors or paychecks. Time has to be verified with the time keeper which will take at least 1 business day.

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